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​This Blog is for Florida Medicaid News and articles pertaining to issues of care and to provide information to those in need of attaining assistance for Medicaid Needs.

Crisis Planning:

Whether it is meeting with you to assess your family situation, helping find placement in a qualified skilled nursing facility, or preparing and filing the Medicaid application, the Medicaid Attorney listed with this site can help.

​"Crisis" Medicaid Planning is defined as when an individual is already in a skilled nursing facility or will be entering within a short time-period and needs to qualify for Medicaid benefits immediately. This event may also involve failing to qualify for Medicaid benefits because of either too much income or too many assets, or both.

In the case of a married couple, an applicant may be able to also increase the well spouse's Community Spouse Resource Allowance, or redirect some of the nursing home spouse's income away from nursing home costs, and back towards the well spouse, through the use of the Minimum Monthly Maintenance Income Allowance.

Many of the Medicaid Attorneys in our directory will also prepare the actual Medicaid Application for you to ensure that all of the crisis and pre-planning strategies are carried out to their maximum benefits.

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