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Diagnostic Calc

Disclaimer:  This Calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is meant to only apply to the Florida Medicaid Institutional Care Program.  Your situation may and probably will vary, and it is strongly urged that you consult your legal advisor before relying upon this or any other information contained in this website.  See our full disclaimer
  $ 1,966.25 Appendix A-9 (7/2014), Minimum Monthly Maintenance Income Allowance
plus Rent or Mortgage
plus Taxes (prorate monthly amount, if not included in mortgage payment)
plus Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance
plus Condo Maintenance Fee or Mandatory Homeowner's Association Fee
plus $ 198.00 Food Stamp Allowance Disregard (See Appendix A-3.1)
less $ 589.88 30% of MMMIA (rounded). See Medicaid Manual ยง 2640.0119.04
less Community Spouse's GROSS Income

Community Spouse Income Allowance $  

* This is the MAXIMUM amount that can be diverted from the Applicant Spouse's Income

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